10cm Hyperspectral Mineral Mapping

Echo Labs exists to help you find valuable mineral deposits.

Our solution provides high resolution VNIR/SWIR HSI mapping and processing on a commercial scale to make mining projects more successful and less time intensive.

We want to provide the most valuable data layer in your project and make you look like a genius.

Our Technology

We combine the highest quality VNIR/SWIR sensors (400-2500nm), heavy-lift endurance drones, and world class hyperspectral data expertise to create spectral maps you can rely on.

Our combination of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) experience, data processing knowledge, and spectral science expertise has allowed us to become the first
commercial provider of hyperspectral UAS data collection.

Mining Exploration

We provide an extremely valuable data layer for exploration projects.

Our ability to map 100 ha of terrain a day and produce 10 cm spectral maps will arm your geologists with some of the most powerful information on the planet.

Better data, better decisions, better results.

Open Pit Mining

Active mines need information that’s fast, ready to analyze, and doesn’t slow down operations.

We have the solution. Our technology can scan, process, and produce analysis within six hours without affecting equipment working in the mine.

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