Our Services

Echo Labs delivers precise maps which provide the detail of an on-site geological exploration with the coverage of an aerial survey.

By identifying the alteration and implied lithology patterns over a large area we give your team the best information possible to make decisions about
your project.


We provide an extremely valuable data layer for exploration projects.

Our ability to map 100 ha of terrain a day and produce 10 cm spectral maps will arm your geologists with some of the most powerful information on the planet.

Better data, better decisions, better results.

Open Pit Mining

Active mines need information that’s fast, ready to analyze, and doesn’t slow down operations.

We have the solution. Our technology can scan, process, and produce analysis within six hours without affecting equipment working in the mine.

Testimonial – Ruby Creek Claim

“We brought in Echo Labs to do a spectral map on one of our mine sites and were blown away with the information. Being able to see the granite and other minerals light up on the map was extremely helpful to our geologists.

They significantly speed up mineral classification and make our mining exploration more accurate. We have Echo Labs coming back in 2021 to map a larger area for us and can’t wait to see the results.”

Barry Hanslit
Owner – Zinex Mining Corporation, Global Drilling Solutions Inc.